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Terex Equipment

Stop by Lashley Tractor Sales in Lithonia, GA to check out the great selection of Terex equipment.

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Backhoe Loaders

Terex loader backhoes are built for versatility and efficiency. Every model has a curved boom design for increased dig depth and reach. With improved safety features, including counter weights and stabilizer legs that engage during operation, these machines will safely confront any task they face. Piloted controls for the backhoe end allow this machine to operate like an excavator, and operators can operate while standing with the joystick override option.

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Compact Crawler Excavators

Terex compact crawler excavators are built to maneuver in tight spaces but still offer the high level of performance necessary to complete your work quickly. They feature a short tail swing, which enables you to accurately excavate against walls or other obstacles. Precision and efficiency are increased with the load sensing hydraulic system.

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Wheel Loaders

Terex compact wheel loaders are helpful in earth moving, civil engineering, road construction, gardening, landscaping, laying cables, forestry, and agricultural related tasks. Smooth and uninterrupted power is delivered with the hydrostatic drive technology. The wheel loader's off road ability is now even better with the rear oscillating axle. With the fast material pick-up function, your work can be completed more quickly.

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Compact Track Loaders

The second generation of Terex's compact track loaders feature more than 100 improvements over the first generation, and all changes are based on customer feedback. These productive machines are truly built for you with features like low ground pressure undercarriage systems, excellent ground clearance, and ergonomic cab designs. Terex has powerful models to tackle any job, including dirt moving, home building, light construction, landscaping and infrastructure work.

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ModelOperating WeightEngine Power HPMax Dig Depth
TLB8407,210 lbs65.7 HP18'1"
TX760B6,887 lbs70.3 HP19'3"
ModelOperating WeightEngine Power HPMax Dig Depth
TLB8407,210 lbs70 HP17'8"
TLB8908,150 lbs74.5 HP18'8"
TLB9908,428 lbs74.5 HP18'6"
ModelOperating WeightEngine Power HPMax Dig Depth
TC101,158 lbs7.6 HP5'4"
TC151,679 lbs11.2 HP6'11"
TC161,725 lbs13.1 HP7'3"
TC191,926 lbs11.2 HP7'7"
TC202,025 lbs13.1 HP7'7"
TC252,600 lbs17.4 HP9'5"
TC292,925 lbs17.5 HP9'2"
TC353,575 lbs22 HP11'2"
TC373,650 lbs22 HP10'6"
TC484,760 lbs29.4 HP12'2"
TC505,020 lbs26.5 HP12'2"
TC605,650 lbs32.2 HP12'4"
TC757,500 lbs54 HP13'11"
TC12512,500 lbs85 HP14'2"
ModelOperating WeightEngine Power HPBucket Capacity
TL653,900 lbs50 HP.65-1.31 yd3
TL70S5,200 lbs60 HP.92-1.31 yd3
Tl804,900 lbs60 HP1.05-1.57 yd3
TL1005,700 lbs74 HP1.31-2.03 yd3
TL1207,000 lbs101 HP1.57-2.35 yd3
ModelOperating WeightEngine Power HPBucket Capacity
TL16020,280 lbs101 HP2-3.4 yd3
TL21027,560 lbs162 HP2.6-4.6 yd3
TL26031,750 lbs174 HP3.3-5.9 yd3
TL31038,800 lbs203 HP3.9-8.5 yd3
ModelRated Operating CapacityGround Pressure (psi)Engine Power (HP)
R070T665 lb3.0 psi32.7 HP
R160T1600 lb3.7 psi50 HP
R190T1900 lb3.9 psi60 HP
PT701925 lb3.1 psi71 HP
PT752600 lb3.5 psi71 HP
PT1102810 lb4.1 psi111 HP
PT110 Forestry3010 lb4.3 psi111 HP